Being a professional tennis player requires dedication, talent, and hard work. Along the way, you place an extraordinary team around you. Sometimes this team is stationary – an at home group of trainers and coaches working on your game. While playing on the road, it is necessary to have the highest quality coach available to tinker with your game or watch a match to see if you are reaching your goals. I worked with Adrin while playing a tournament in Las Vegas. I discovered that Adrin had a solid work ethic and knowledge for the science of the game. I was fortunate enough to see him interact with children and watch his innate ability to teach the young ones how to play the game. I learned that as a former player, Adrin gathered amazing professional resources to build his program in Las Vegas – teaching every age group the real meaning of playing the sport of tennis for a lifetime.

Alexandra Stevenson

Wimbledon Grand Slam Semi Finalist

WTA Tour World Ranked Top 20


I have known Adrin for about ten years but only in the past few years have I gotten to know who he really is as a person. If I had to describe Adrin in a word I would choose the word ‘motivator.’ Whether he was my doubles partner, my coach, or even sometimes my opponent I always felt inspired to do my best and have fun. I learned that while we traveled and played on tour together for the second half of the 2006 season. In the ensuing years we have remained very close friends and Adrin still seems to make time to get out on the court and help me with my game. Adrin is a person who enjoys life, learning new things, and most of all sharing his thoughts and ideas with whoever will take the time to listen.

Joel Kielbowicz

ATP Tour Player, #1 Player UNLV, & Nevada State Champion


I have been working with Adrin for about 10 months now and he has done some great things, not only for my tennis game but also in my life. He has truly performed miracles with my confidence that lead to a sectional title and beating some top guys in the country. Adrin has helped create many college opportunities for me, for which I am excited. Adrin is not only a great coach, but a mentor as well. He always keeps his word. If he says he is going to do something, it gets done. Adrin brings it everyday. If he doesn’t have an answer, he will find it. I am truly blessed to have Adrin in my life as a coach, a friend, and a mentor.

Stan Breland

Nevada State Champion, Boys 18 Intermountain Sectional Champion, Nationally Ranked Junior


Adrin has experience on the professional tour as well as being hitting partner to some of the worlds top players. If you are looking for someone to take your game to the next level, Adrin is a great choice.

Brian Wilson

Professional Tennis Player, ATP, NCAA Division 1 National Champion


Adrin has been a great instructor for our homeowners.

Scott Wilson

Director, The Club & Madeira Canyon


I have been a student of Adrin’s for seven years.  Though Adrin is an excellent tennis player and coach, he is also a great friend.  Even when I’m struggling to learn a concept in tennis, he lifts my head up and makes me want to do my best.  Adrin, in my mind, makes me think of a determined, positive, and dedicated person who wants the best for his students.  I am so lucky, and very blessed, to be apart of Adrin’s life on the courts.

Nicole Gardner



Adrin is the best tennis coach my family has ever had.  

Marco Parrotto

VP Hargrove


Adrin brings an unexpected level of service to our guests.  

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Resort Hotel and Spa


Adrin knows a great deal about the biomechanics. I would highly recommend him to anyone at any level. He provides coaching qualities that I have rarely seen.

Drake Bernstein

Professional Tennis Player, ATP, NCAA Division 1 National Champion