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Monty is 4.0 Champion!

Very proud to have the honor of working with Monty. He started with me 2 years ago as a 3.0 player. We set goals to become the #1 3.0 and 3.5 player. In 2013 our goal was to reach 4.0 level and finish the year #1! Monty and I accomplished that goal and here is a picture of his last tournament clinching the #1 4.0 ranking in Southern Nevada!

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US Open 2013 (Verdasco return)

I recently had the opportunity to go the 2013 US Open. I thought I would blog one of my mornings in NYC. It started with my alarm going off in my apartment on 51st and 9th at 7am. After hitting snooze twice (jet lag) I ran out of my apartment and flagged down a cab. "Westin on 9th ave please" I said. I was on my way to meet Fernando for breakfast at his hotel. I ordered a coffee, juice, and a bagel. He had a fruit plate and a muffin with OJ. I think I spent $30 for my breakfast. Outrageous for juice, coffee, and a bagel. haha. Shortly after transportation came and picked us up to head over to the National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows. Once we arrived and were assigned to a practice court the team headed over to court 17. I thought today would be a good day as any to take a closer look at Fer's return. So here it is. Study the picture top to bottom, right to left. (1) In the first top 3 frames Fernando has a nice wide base with his hands out in front. That wide base allows him to have good balance and a lower center of gravity. Notice that he is also moving forward. Very important. I see alot of tennis players move backwards. Im not a fan of this. (2) In the middle 3 frames Fernando turns his shoulders slightly and virtually has no backswing. This is key. Hands out in front and shortened backswing. He has good weight transfer from left to right and uses the non dominant hand very well to keep his upper half balanced. (3) On the [...]

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Stevenson training in Vegas

It was a very productive weekend training Alexandra Stevenson. Great work ethic and very professional. Alexandra was a top 20 WTA player and a Wimbledon Semi-finalist at 18 years old. She is looking forward to getting back to where she was and I was able to share some great insight on what steps need to be taken to get back to the top of the game and give it a good run. She has been producing some solid results on tour this summer and moved up 200 spots in the rankings. This fall Im excited to have her join me for some select clinics and social mixers in Las Vegas, So Cal, and North Cal.

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Arsenio Angus Jr. 2nd USTA Level 1 Championship

Arsenio Angus Jr. has won his second Usta local level 1 event in just his second level 1 tournament. Ar J has dominated the 10 and under division since his debut in April. He won the finals 6-0, 6-4 and went through the draw without dropping a set. The junior tennis tournament was held at Club Sport in Green Valley in Henderson. Arsenio only trains with Himmelheber Tennis and has not worked with any other programs in the last 2 years. Arsenio Jr. trains with Adrin privately 3-4 days a week and does additional drills with his father designed by Adrin Himmelheber. With the leading trends of large groups and academies the HT philosophy leans more towards individualized programs for players and treats and trains each junior specifically to his or her strengths and weaknesses. Our philosophy is about quality not quantity and we pride ourselves in bringing world class training to our clients. The proof is in the quality and success of our players. For more information on Elite Junior Tennis Training programs and tennis lessons please call or email for more info.

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Tennis Lessons Summer 2013 Las Vegas

Tennis Lessons and classes have started back up in Henderson and Las Vegas. In the featured picture we have pee wee junior tennis players gearing up for a tennis lesson in Henderson at Sienna Heights Trailhead Park. Tennis lessons and classes are offered to Adults and Juniors through Himmelheber Tennis and the City of Henderson Parks and Rec.

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Anthem Country Club Jr. Champion

After training 2 years with Adrin and not playing any tournaments Arsenio Angus Jr. wins his first level 1 USTA tournament. Arsenio only dropped 3 games the entire tournament and beat some of Las Vegas' top ranked tennis players in the 10 and under division. Way to go Ar J!

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Tennis Lessons in Las Vegas with Mats Wilander

Uploaded on Jan 18, 2012 Himmelheber Tennis chats with 7-time Grand Slam Champion and former World #1, Mats Wilander.  Quick discussion on the modern game. Also, don't miss the tennis lesson video we produced with Mats Wilander, now available for download at

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USPTA Conference Las Vegas 2013

United States Professional Tennis Association Conference held in Las Vegas, NV. Adrin Himmelheber is awarded with the USPTA Star Award for his outstanding work and leadership in the community.

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Davis Kup of Las Vegas 2013

The top pros in Las Vegas faced off for prize money in the Davis Kup of Las Vegas. Proceeds from the tournament went to the G Alex Foundation. Adrin and his partner Joel Kielbowicz won the tournament without dropping a set. The tournament was hosted by Red Rock Country Club.  

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Career Day 2013

Career Day was a huge success! Inspiring and mentoring the young ones:)

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