I had the opportunity this winter to spend time with friend and touring pro Fernando Verdasco. Fernando reached the semi finals of the Australian Open a few years ago and finished with a career high ATP ranking of #8 in the world. I spent a few days with him during training prior to that incredible run. As a player and now a full time coach I keep learning so much from these players, trainers, and amazing coaches. This year I thought I would blog the experience with Team Adidas and Fernando. A usual day of training begins with meeting Fernando at the hotel for the usual fruit plate to go and a bagel or muffin. Fernando likes to carb up with something light. If he is hitting the gym hard early in the morning he usually adds some good protein. On this day we headed over to meet up with Darren Cahill and Sarg Sargisian for a hit at a private indoor court. The tennis practice begins with some light hitting then gets tougher. Today Fernando was using a heart rate monitor to track his intensity during the 2 on 1’s. Some of the rallies went so long and intense he was on the ground towards the end. During one of the breaks I started banging some serves then jumped in to one of the transition drills to feed Fernando some approaches. Darren then worked some serves and patterns with Fernando and we headed out to see Gil Reyes at his private gym. Once we arrived at Gils it was business as usual and Fer got on the machines that helped Andre Agassi win 8 Grand Slam titles and an Olympic Gold Medal. The machines were developed and built by Gil. The man is not only a guru but a genius at what he does. To be in his presence is always an inspiration and I am so grateful to have learned so much. I especially enjoy the stories he shares with me about Andre. Today I was feeling pretty good so I joined Fernando on the machines. After a solid few hours we head to one of Gils favorite lunch spots and he orders the usual. What a day of training it was with the team!