I recently had the opportunity to go the 2013 US Open. I thought I would blog one of my mornings in NYC. It started with my alarm going off in my apartment on 51st and 9th at 7am. After hitting snooze twice (jet lag) I ran out of my apartment and flagged down a cab. “Westin on 9th ave please” I said. I was on my way to meet Fernando for breakfast at his hotel. I ordered a coffee, juice, and a bagel. He had a fruit plate and a muffin with OJ. I think I spent $30 for my breakfast. Outrageous for juice, coffee, and a bagel. haha. Shortly after transportation came and picked us up to head over to the National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows. Once we arrived and were assigned to a practice court the team headed over to court 17. I thought today would be a good day as any to take a closer look at Fer’s return. So here it is. Study the picture top to bottom, right to left. (1) In the first top 3 frames Fernando has a nice wide base with his hands out in front. That wide base allows him to have good balance and a lower center of gravity. Notice that he is also moving forward. Very important. I see alot of tennis players move backwards. Im not a fan of this. (2) In the middle 3 frames Fernando turns his shoulders slightly and virtually has no backswing. This is key. Hands out in front and shortened backswing. He has good weight transfer from left to right and uses the non dominant hand very well to keep his upper half balanced. (3) On the bottom 3 frames he uses great wrist control and arm extension to direct the return deep in the court. Last but not least he cathes the racket at the throat with the non dominant hand for good shoulder incorporation, balance, and control. This was the best return he hit the whole practice in my opinion. Way to go Fer!